Pricing and Purchasing information

The 'Bengal Cat Prices" link above will explain the many factors involved in the pricing of our Pet Bengal Kittens. Take a moment to read it.
Top Quality Pet: $1500-$2000 

The Pet prices of our Bengal  kittens will be determined based on trait such as color, markings and quality in regards to the breed standard, as well as temperament.


All pet kittens are sterilized, vaccinatedmicro chipped before leaving us, as well as having de-worming completed.

They will be seen by our licensed Veterinarian before leaving us for a clean bill of health for our health guarantee.

We will provide their health record booklet, TICA registration application, Pet insurance (30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance). starter food, a blanket & toys.

1 Year Guarantee for cognitive and hereditary defects.

72 hour General Health Guarantee.

We also offer a second kitten discount, one discount applied for second kitten and are not eligible on already discounted kittens.


We also encourage each of our clients to join our Facebook page to quickly communicate with us and get our full support during the transition to their new home and after.

Breeding/Show Kittens: Negotiated on an individual basis to approved catteries only. 
Kitten with breeding rights and the potential to compete in shows. (to approved registered catteries only, please fill out our Breeder Application.
  • Prices above do not include shipping costs.

  • All prices are in United States dollars. (USD)

  • Kittens are held under breeder evaluation until 7-8 weeks of age and are then offered as pets or breeders depending on their evaluation. Kittens will be evaluated around 7-8 weeks of age before giving a preliminary price range. This allows us time to evaluate them for quality and health.

  • We offer a $100 discount per kitten when kittens are adopted in pairs.

To get on the wait list for a future litter you may fill out the Questionnaire, Deposit agreement and use Pay Pal to pay your $300 Pet deposit.

All of this can be found under our page labeled "Adopting; Step 1, 2 & 3"

All kitten prices include the following:

  • TICA Pure breed Registration Papers

  • Examination by a professional veterinarian (Health Guarantee )

  • Vaccine records 

  • Deworming

  • Spay/neuter

  • Sample of their food

  • Selection of toys

  • Microchip

  • 30 days of FREE Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Bengals Illustrated magazine (While supplies last)

Show/Breeder kittens :

We rarely sell breeders and are selective about who we do sell to.

We only sell breeders to approved registered catteries and will often ask for references.

Preferences will be given to catteries that show.

Breeder prices range from $2,500- $3,500 USD and will be negotiated on an individual basis.  The Deposit is $500 and is applied towards the final price.

Please fill out our Breeder Application Questionnaire here.



We just love the idea of your new kitten having a full time playmate, therefore we offer a $100 discount  if you decide to get a second kitten  (deducted at the time of final payment). This can be applied at the time of the first kitten or at a later date when/if you decide to bring in a friend for your kitten. They do so much better in pairs, having a friend to chase and play with.

Pet kittens are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and fully vaccinated to the age of the kitten at the time it leaves.

Raising healthy kittens in a small  family-friendly facility is important to us. It allows us to provide more socialized kittens. Our babies are raised where they can hear, see and interact with people on a daily basis. They are accustomed to loud noises such as vacuums. They are handled on a daily basis and we often do not show while we have babies on the ground so that they are never left alone.  We are active in every birth and help mothers transition with their newborns at every delivery. Raising these kittens so that they are well socialized and live in a safe, clean environment takes time and commitment. The expense of  purchasing the parents, testing the parents for PK , PRA and HCM screening as well as providing vaccinations, ESN, registration papers, kitten kits to take home, litter, and food is just part of what we invest in these babies.

Your kitten will come with....

*  TICA Registration Slip, which is essentially the pre-registration slip that you can fill out with the name of your kitten. Since we do not name our kittens, clients can register their pets with the Breeder Slip that you will receive from us, for a fee of $20 that you mail into TICA to get an official Registration Certificate with their name on it. This slip also allows you to order their 5 generation Pedigree.

* They will have two sets of vaccinations and will come with their Health Records.

*  We have your new baby Spayed/Neutered before they go home. (If you plan on flying home with your baby, please allow a week or two for them to heal before they can go home.)

* We also have all of our babies Microchipped before leaving us at no charge to our clients.

*  Toys that they have been used to playing with while they have been growing up here. We like to send home wands occasionally that are great for playtime rather than having you play with your hands.

*  Food that the babies have been eating.

*  Tikka Sky also will include 30 days of FREE Pet Health Insurance certificate for kittens through Trupanion.

* A copy of the Bengals Illustrated Booklet, while supplies last.

Background photo's credit  goes to Jules Doyle Photography

Although we are a registered cattery and a member of the TICA online breeders we are required to state that this cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.


Proud to be Bengal Cat Club Certified