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Kitten Pricing

How much does a Bengal Kitten Cost:
The 'Bengal Cat Prices" link above will explain the many factors involved in the pricing of our Pet Bengal Kittens. Take a moment to read it.
Our Prices:

Due to increased pricing of food, veterinary care and other items we have increased our prices for Pets to $2500 as of 1/21/2023.


* We may hold back up to 25% of our kittens for breeding purposes. Most of these kittens are females. No matter what the numbers say, the female list moves more slowly.

* We reserve the right to provide a replacement kitten ahead of those on the waitlist. This rarely happens if ever but we need to let you know in advance.


Pet deposits of $300 are applied to the final price and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

We put in a lot of time socializing and producing healthy babies and our prices reflect this.

All current wait list clients will remain at prices stated at time of Deposit.

How do I reserve a kitten:

The first step is to read through all we have to offer on our website to be sure a Bengal is the right fit for your family. If you have decided it is, then the first step is our Kitten Questionnaire page. This is where you will start regardless if there is an available kitten shown on our page or if you have decided to get on our wait list for a future litter.

How does the wait list work:

This is a question we get a lot so we have dedicated a page to answer this question and more. Click here for our Waitlist Questions and Answers page.

Do we offer a discount on a second kitten:

We absolutely do! We love the thought of our babies having a playmate.

* For previous customers, we take $200 off of a subsequent kitten(s).

*If you purchase two kittens at once, you get $200 off of each kitten.


      PLEASE NOTE: Transportation costs and arrangements are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Occasionally, seller may be contracted to deliver the kitten to the buyer's home. This applies to Pet buyers only. Any kitten not picked up by it's ready date will have a $20 per day pet housing fee added.

We also offer a second kitten discount, one discount applied for second kitten and are not eligible on already discounted kittens.

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