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How much does a Bengal Kitten Cost:

The 'Bengal Cat Prices" link above will explain the many factors involved in the pricing of our Pet Bengal Kittens. Take a moment to read it.

Our Prices:

SBT Kittens:

All SBT Pet kittens are $2500 on any color or gender. 

Early Generation Kittens:

All EG (F2 & F4) kittens are $3500 on any color or gender.

* EG kittens are not like the later generation SBT kittens. They will need an experienced person / family that is ready for a life long commitment. We will be screening applications carefully and will set up a time to have a conversation about the needs of an EG.

How do you reserve a kitten?

The first step is to read through all we have to offer on our website to be sure a Bengal is the right fit for your family. If you have decided it is, then the first step is our Kitten Questionnaire page. This is where you will start regardless if there is an available kitten shown on our page or if you have decided to get on our wait list for a future litter.

The most serious pet buyers will want to place a $300 down payment to hold a place in line to select a kitten. If you intend to pick two kittens at once, you would need a deposit for each pick. Before you do this, we recommend that you scour the internet, comparing our cats to others out there to make sure that a Tikka Sky Bengals is the right one for you.  Placing a down payment secures a price of $2500. We have a proven track record of consistently producing exceptional kittens with the sweet temperaments; therefore, we do not bounce our prices around from kitten to kitten.  All Pet kittens are sold for $2500. We do ask that you decide on a gender as we divide our waiting lists by gender. Unless you stop communicating with us, you will only move up, not down. You can pass on as many kittens as you'd like until the right one is born. When placing a $300 (per kitten) down payment to go on the waiting list, we will ask for an additional payment of $500 (applied to the cost of each kitten also) when you pick a specific kitten.  Then, the final balance  is due upon collection of your kitten. 

Pet deposits of $300 for each kitten, are applied to the final price and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All current wait list clients will remain at prices stated at time of Deposit.

How does the wait list work?:

This is a question we get a lot so we have dedicated a page to answer this question and more. Click here for our Waitlist Questions and Answers page.

How long is the wait for a kitten?:

How long you wait will largely depend on how specific you are in what you want.  We divide our Waitlist by gender.  We run a female-driven breeding program, which means we keep our females and bring in new males.  This does not mean we don't keep any of our own boys, but we keep more girls than boys.  Our male Waitlist moves much faster than our female list even though it is often longer.  If you have color or pattern traits you specifically want, that could make the wait longer.  The shortest wait time is likely to be for a brown spotted/rosetted pet male kitten.

Do I get to pick my kitten out in person?:

We like to have people pick their kittens in person, but we understand that not everyone can do this.  When we schedule our Kitten Selection visits, we give you a one-hour window of time in which you can visit, do a Facetime call with the kittens and us, or pick through pictures.  We ask that you make your selection at the time of your reserved spot regardless of the method you choose, as we will be moving to the next person just after your scheduled visit.

What happens if you are not on the waiting list and see an available kitten that you'd like to reserve?:

If you are not on our waiting list but see an available kitten that you'd like to reserve, no problem - send us a private message through the Facebook page or use our contact us link.  We will ask you to complete our Kitten Application.  If your family is the right fit for the kitten, we will ask for an $300 down payment to hold the kitten, and the balance is due at collection.

Why do we keep a paid waitlist?:

We no longer keep a non-paid waiting list as we never found them to be reliable.  People would ask to be notified when we had kittens but may have already found a kitten by the time we contacted them.  This wasn't working.  If you'd like to stay informed on our available kittens, please follow Tikka Sky Bengals on Facebook.  If you see a kitten marked as being for Waiting List, you can send us a PM and let us know that you'd like to be contacted if that kitten becomes available.  We generally have a good idea of whether or not it will as we tend to know what each person on the waiting list is looking for. 

Do we offer a discount on a second kitten?:

We absolutely do! We love the thought of our babies having a playmate. Bengals often do best with high energy, intelligent companion.  If you commit to two kittens at once, we reduce each kitten's price by $100.  If you come back and buy a second kitten from us, we offer a $100 price reduction on the second kitten.  This offer lasts a lifetime.  We are starting to get repeat customers from people who bought from us when we started this adventure. 

Second kitten discounts are not eligible on already discounted kittens.

Do we ship pet kittens?:

We do not ship kittens.  Over the last few years, the airline industry has become unreliable.  People have been stranded for days.  We could not have that happen with a kitten. When kittens travel by air, they need to be in cabin with a person.   Additionally, The Retail Pet Law prohibits breeders with more than four breeding-age animals from shipping pet kittens sight unseen.  While the law is rarely enforced, we prefer to follow it.
We are more than happy to meet people at the Seattle airport with your kitten.  Most people who fly in do so in a turn-around trip.  They fly in; we meet inside the airport, and the kitten and owner are on the next flight home.


      PLEASE NOTE: Transportation costs and arrangements are the sole

      responsibility of the purchaser. Occasionally, seller may be contracted        to deliver the kitten to the buyer's local home. This applies to

      Pet buyers only.

      Any kitten not picked up by it's ready date will have a $20 per day pet         housing fee added.

    Bengal Kitten Application



* We may hold back up to 25% of our kittens for breeding purposes. Most of these kittens are females. No matter what the numbers say, the female list moves more slowly.

* We reserve the right to provide a replacement kitten ahead of those on the waitlist. This rarely happens if ever but we need to let you know in advance.

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