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There is a lot of information out there regarding Bengals and each have had their own experience with the breed. Above all else is socialization. This is a really important aspect of owning a Bengal.

There are a lot of big breeders out there that have a lot of cats and this has always made us wonder how on earth they have the time to spend with them.

A Bengal needs attention, love and exposure to all of life's possibilities in order to be socilized well enough to be around dogs, kids, other cats, and most of all noises so that when you take them in a carrier to the vet, for example,  so it isn't stressful for everyone involved, including your new companion.

Here at Tikka Sky we raise our cats and kittens around all the normal household noises like vacuumes, dishwashers and of course dogs. In the video below you can see that Diva and our smallest chihuahua get along great.

Bengals are intelligent as well as active. In the video below you can see one of the favorite toys here at Tikka Sky is the Cat wheel. We have a ink on our page to  order the best ranked Cat Wheel called the ZiggyDoo. 

This is not a necessary purchase for Bengals but they sure do like it.  It allows them to use up some of the energy they have. It gives them a chance to stretch out their legs and run.

Some other things to note is they enjoy having a cat tree to call home. Bengals, like other cats, enjoy being up high, so a tall cat tree is highly suggested. We also provide several scratching posts thru our house. We do NOT believe in de-clawing and we do have leather furniture. By providing scratching posts, this has never been a problem.

We have a link to the One Fast Cat wheel above.

Playtime here at Tikka Sky is nothing but entertaining. In the video below you can see we have a 'Bird Toy', which is essentially feathers on the end of a string. They absolutely LOVE this toy and no matter where we try to hide it they will sniff it out and find it. We have one girl who will climb the cupbaord walls up to the ceiling to get inside the cabinet where we hide the Bird Toy.

Sir spots playing in the water dishes.

You can hear him 'chattering' at the end.

Click on the link below for more information on the foundation Bengal Cat FAQ's

ferris Cat Wheel
Ferris Cat Wheel
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