Available Adults.....

Occasionally we will post available Bengals. These are sometimes retired breeders or young adults that did not work in our breeding program.


If your looking for a retired adult we will be offering Sylky & Love to an approved home as a spayed pets.

SYLKY: DOB 5/11/2016

Sylky is a wonderfully sweet tempered Silver girl and it is time for her to relax and enjoy a retirement while she is still young and has lots of years to do so. She will require an Adult only home with no other animals as she likes to be the 'one in charge'.

Please contact us to inquire about Sylky, seen below.

Sylky loves a cat wheel and will walk and run on it, so a home that could provide her a wheel is preferred. (a link is on our website).

LOVE: DOB 8/1/2017

Love will also be looking for a retirement home as soon as she heals from her spay. We call her LOVE because she was born with the word 'LOVE' on her side. (Photo's below)

Love would also do well in an ADULT ONLY home. She may get along with another docile cat or dog, but would be best in a home with no children as she is shy until she gets to know and trust you. She is a sweet tempered girl.

Love would do well in a home that could provide her a wheel also. (a link is on our website).

Although we are a registered cattery and a member of the TICA online breeders we are required to state that this cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.


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