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We get a lot of questions like, "where are you located?" or "what kittens do you have available?".We have taken great care in providing the most current information we can, so please take a look around before contacting us. 
♥  If you are contacting us to ask about kitten Prices please visit our 'kitten prices' page first. It has all that information and more.
♥ If you are contacting us to ask
what we have available, please see our available kitten page and available retired adult page. 
If your calling/emailing to ask if we have kittens, or trying to set up an
allergy visit, please read the website first.  The link to allergies page is here.
♥ If your contacting us to
request to be on the waitlist, PLEASE fill out a kitten questionnaire.

               You'll find a response much quicker for any of these instances, if you have filled out a kitten questionnaire as we do not have any visitors who have not filled this out first.
This is our family home and we work during the week as well as taking care of kittens, so our time is limited for visits.

We spend a lot of time putting updated information on our site, so please, take a look around as most answers are already on our site.

We can usually tell from the questions asked who has read the website and who has not, so, before you contact us, look around our site as all possible questions have probably already been answered. 


Thank you for contacting Tikka Sky Bengals. Rest assured we will get back to you as soon as posssible.

Please keep in mind that if you are contacting us to place a deposit or schedule a visit with our cats and kittens , we request that the kitten questionnaire be filled out next.
If you are contacting us to be put on the wait list here is what you can expect......
Once the questionnaire is 'approved'  and we have received your deposit then we would need the 'Deposit agreement' as soon as possible. We can also make arrangements to speak to you on the phone. This is usually scheduled on weekday afternoons as we both work during the week.
We request that the Deposit agreement be filled out and sent back to us the same day as you have placed your deposit so that  we can time and date mark your place on the wait list. Just filling out the Questionnaire does not get your name added to the priority wait list.
We would also request that  you 'LIKE' our Facebook page, 'Tikka Sky Bengals', so that we may send you a friend request thru our personal page. This allows us to use Facebook Messenger to keep in contact with each other where you may ask us questions, seek advice and where we can share Videos and Pictures of your new babies or expectant mothers. Other methods of communication can be set up also.
We know it is hard to wait for them to be born and then to grow old enough to come see in person. The anticipation of waiting to see your babies in person is an exciting time. We have been doing Facebook (Web) visits this way for some time and have found it is a great way for you to share these videos and pictures with friends and families, see how the kittens are growing and communicate with us. There is nothing worse than placing a deposit, having to wait and not knowing and seeing what is going on. This helps keep you in the loop.
The first step after they are born.....
After the kittens are born we will contact everyone on the wait list thru messenger or alternative contact method, with pictures or videos, depending on which type of kitten they stated they wanted, (brown spotted, snow, silver, male, female or from a certain pairing of adults).  At this time we don't not expect a certain kitten to be picked out as they will change over the next few weeks. this is only an introduction that the kittens have been born to keep you updated.
Occasionally, a wait list client knows right away and wants that certain one. But to be fair to the clients that are on the wait list ahead of you,  you must wait to select your kitten by seeing them in person after the first vaccinations at 8-9 weeks old.
Occasionally a Queen will not have enough kittens to fill the wait list or other issues come up. We certainly try to only accept deposits on what we can predict a queen to have. Sometimes Mother Nature tricks us and a queen will only have two babies. We certainly try to avoid taking on more clients then we will have babies for, but if this happens, rest assured, you will be put at the TOP OF THE LIST for the next breeding.
The first visit at 8-9 weeks old.....
At the 8-9 week age, we set up visits with the kittens in order of the wait list so that they may  pick out their kitten then. We try to schedule this all in one weekend and at graduating time slots through out that weekend in order of your spot on the list. We will contact you and schedule this visit in advance and it is important that you keep that scheduled time so that you can pick out the next available kitten of your stated choice.
 This visit is a great time to see the adult parents, visit the 'Catio', see the cats on the wheel, ask questions, get advice and listen to us share information with you. It is an exciting time with lots of information.
**Please note that at the 8-9 week visit, the deposit agreement states that at this visit when you have decided on a certain kitten, a second installment towards the final kitten price is due and your kitten contract will be available for review and signature. Please be sure you have read the deposit agreement and are informed of this so you know what to expect at that visit.
If you opt to wait for another litter later on, your deposit will be held and your name added to the top of the next wait list for first choice.
What will the kittens be like at this visit....
At this age the kittens are awkward and not fully developed, colors change, body structures can change and even personalities can change. We like to have you come sit and play with them because this is an interaction they enjoy and it gives you a chance to see them in person. They are sometimes shy of strangers at this age but full of curiosity. They have just spent the last 8-9 weeks spending time with their mamma and SHE is in command of them up until now and they want to run, play, wrestle, explore and then go back to mom for safety.
It is when they get a little older, when they have gained the knowledge of independence from mom, that you will see them more engaged and interactive with humans.
It is a hard time to decide on a kitten based on their personalities which develop over time. All of our kittens are socialized every day so that by the time they go home with you at 12-14 weeks old they are on their way to being more engaged and want human interaction. This is the time that personalities will be set in stone as they get introduced to your family home and are away from mamma for the first time. So don't be surprised, when you visit at 8-9 weeks old, if they don't come running up to you right away. They are just learning to run, play and be independent like mamma Bengal taught them.

What happens if an additional kitten is wanted?
If you have come to your visitation time and have decided that you want an additional kitten then we can add that kitten to your 'want' list, and if that kitten is still available after all the wait list people have visited then we will contact you and let you know he/she is available to reserve. This keeps things fair for the next person on the list.
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