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Join our for spring and summer kitten selections waitlist if you do not find what you are looking for below.

Our website is kept up to date. Last updated 12/22/2023

We strive to produce loving lap leopards.

Kittens from Tikka Sky Bengals will have the best temperament & health you could ask for with gorgeous colors and patterns. You wont regret getting a Tikka Sky Bengal kitten.

Kittens being held by us for further evaluation will be noted as such.

PLEASE NOTE that we will generally withhold some of the kittens we produce in each group of litters to evaluate for breeding purposes.


If you do not see an a available kitten and are interested in our future litters, click here.

Terms We Use

AVAILABLE- This kitten is Available to reserve. Please inquire if you are interested.

UNDER EVALUATION- This kitten is being evaluated by the Cattery for a breeding program and may become available later on. Please inquire if you are interested. Sometimes we will state a kitten is on hold for evaluation, meaning someone is deciding on this kitten.

RESERVED- This kitten is reserved with a deposit. At this time the kitten is not available.

KEEPER- this kitten is staying with us for our breeding program.

SOLD- this kitten is sold and no longer available.

If you are interested in one of our Available kittens below and would like to purchase one please fill out a kitten waitlist application

and follow steps 1,2 & 3. We will be in contact immediately after to set up a visit or pick up.

Kitten Pricing can be found here.

Below; Marble Seal Lynx female - SOLD

Marbles have the softest coat of all Bengals. 

She is snuggly and sweet and would do well in any home environment.

She is Spayed & Microchipped and looking for her forever lap.

Fill out our kitten questionnaire to be contacted to adopt this girl.

1st photo.JPG


DOB: 4-25-2023

This boy is neutered and microchipped and ready to go. 

He is very sweet with humans but doesn't care for other cats. He is okay with cat friendly dogs and would do well in an active family with kids.

His fee will be $750.

Please inquire by filling out a kitten questionnaire.

IMG_0573 copy.jpeg

We have also have retired adults available. Click here to see more.

Planned litters for 2024

Twilight and Cedar are expecting brown and possibly snow kittens. These could be Seal Lynx, Sepia or Mink.

We will be evaluating for keepers in this litter.

Olympia and Chief will be paired up in early 2024 for all brown kittens. We will be evaluating for keepers in this litter.

Rosie and Yuki will be paired up in late 2024 for all brown kittens carrying Seal Lynx and possibly APB.  We will be evaluating for keepers in this litter.

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