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The Waitlist, Questions and Answers......

How to adopt a current kitten or join our
wait list.

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Scroll to the very bottom of this page to view the current Pet waitlist.

If you would like to join our wait list please click the link below and start with Step 1.

How long is the wait list? or How many people are on the wait list?

We get these questions the most. There is no easy answer because of all the variables involved such as, someone decides to wait for another litter or wants two kittens and then decides they just want one, the genders of the kittens are all girls and someone wants a boy, and how many babies a mother has. We generally fulfill the wait list within 3-6 months so it is always changing depending on how many kittens each queen has at a time. We recommend planning ahead and getting on the list as soon as possible because sometimes a kitten that was reserved becomes available. Mother nature plays a big role also so patience, planning and being prepared for a Bengal kitten is really beneficial. We almost prefer this so that we can answer questions along the way and you can be better prepared. This is a life long commitment and waiting a little while for that perfect companion is a good thing.

To see our current wait list scroll to the very bottom of this page.

What to expect while on the wait list.

We are available anytime during the wait to answer questions for our wait list clients. Contact is faster & easier thru Face Book Messenger so we encourage all our wait list clients to join, even if it is just thru this process. The link to our Facebook page is here; Facebook. (You will get a friend request from our personal page so we can communicate easier on Messenger). Messenger is also the easiest form of sending out video's to you so please consider joining to get more notifications from us.

During the wait, depending on if a mating has already occurred at the time you have joined, you can expect to see updates on the momma's progress. Then at birth, you will see group photo's of the newborns posted on our facebook page to announce the arrival. After a week or two from birth, a group photo will also go on our website as an announcement.

During the first 0-8 weeks, kittens are under evaluation for health, temperament and structure. At times individual photo's may be posted. Please keep in mind, occasionally a kitten will be kept back for evaluation as a breeder and may be offered at a later time. If you see an individual photo of a kitten, you are welcome to inquire about it.

At 8 weeks you will be contacted individually to be notified your turn has come for a kitten pick. We will share our evaluation with you as to the personality, gender & color of your wishes. Because of our experience with these babies and the knowledge of your household dynamics, we will often recommend a kitten that we feel will fit your requests or your family dynamics. Kittens are not like puppies in that they necessarily pick you, especially at this age, so relying on our

experience is part of what you are paying for.  Please keep in mind that you have 24 hours to reply about the kitten or we will move on to the next wait list client.


Shortly after your pick we will set up a time to come visit your kitten at 9 weeks. This always happens on weekends due to our work schedules and can sometime fluctuate depending on our family plans. When your appointment day arrives, please be prompt, as there are often other clients scheduled the same day. If you arrive late or early, you may have to wait outside.

Our location address will be given out the week before your appointment. 

When can I come to visit my Bengal kitten(s)?

Without exception we do not allow visits to see the kittens until after they have recovered from their first set of vaccinations at 9 weeks of age. This is to ensure that the kittens are not exposed to any outside parasites or infectious illnesses that come in on visitor's shoes, clothing and hands. When a visit is scheduled, please limit the exposure to the kittens by bringing immediate family members only.  The less exposure to potential infectious diseases at this young age, the better for the health of the kittens, until they have had time to develop immunities. It is also stressful on them to have a lot of visitors at one time, so please consider carefully who you bring to your first visit.

When can I bring my Bengal kitten home?

Your kitten will be able to go home with you a few days after he/she has had their last set of vaccinations at 12 weeks of age. They will be ready to go home at 13-14 weeks old. We DO NOT, under any circumstances allow kittens to leave before 12 weeks of age. 

Although we do have an Import/Export license, WE DO NOT SHIP KITTENS so it is important to note that you must be prepared to pick up your kitten from us in person.  We do not want the added stress that comes from Airline travel and have chosen this method to allow us to get to know you and you to see where your baby was raised.

When you are scheduled to pick up your kitten, please bring a cat carrier. Your final payment will be due at this time. You will be provided with all their paperwork, toys and food. We recommend having a small room ready for them when you get them home so that they can decompress and start their journey to feeling secure in a new home. Pellet litter is recommended for the next few weeks while they adjust to their new environment.

How can I make sure I am completely prepared for my Bengal kitten coming home?

We have put together some very detailed information on all things "Bengal" that you should be aware of well before bringing your kitten home with you. You can find all of this information on our website.  If you have any additional questions we have not answered on our website, please send us a note and we will answer all your questions.  

Prepping a space for a new kitten arrival:

Keeping your new baby confined in a small room (with litter, food and water) to adjust to your house, your house noises and smells  is very important for a good transition. This is especially  important if there are other pets in the household. The transition to a new home, with travel and being away from their siblings can be stressful. They need time to decompress and adjust.You should plan for at least a week to two weeks for this transition to prevent any accidents of bad behavior. Kittens can get confused and stressed in a new home. They will also be confused about where their litter box is at. Confining them until they are adjusted helps to get them acquainted to their new home. This is the time to create a bond by spending time with them, playing and comforting them. They have just lost everything they have known and their siblings in some cases so take some time to reassure them that heir new home is safe and that you will keep them safe from all that is scary.

The litter we use is Pine Pellets. After you get the kitten home and have had it for a few weeks, if you prefer to use a clumping litter we suggest adding a little to their pine pellets to let them get used to it.

Lifestyle Preparation: Prepping your home for a curious and adventurous kitten is a must. Check that all cabinets are secured and that small toys, hair ties and even pencil erasers are put away. We have had instances when these things were not done and the kitten ate a hair tie which required surgery. As you scan your home, look for dangers like you would if you were having two year old child wondering about. Put the breakables away, make sure house plants are not accessible and keep things tidy so the only thing they have to play with is their toys.

Find a Veterinarian: We require you visit a vet within 72 hours of the scheduled pick up date. This is to secure that your kitten is healthy and to establish care when you need it.

Pet Insurance: All of our kittens go home with 30 days of FREE Trupanion Pet Insurance. Be sure to click here to get your copy of our certificate: Trupanion Certificate.

If I need help or have any questions when I get my kitten(s) home, what should I do?

With each kitten that leaves our cattery, we provide verbal guidance for the entire lifetime of that kitten. You are welcome to contact us at any time for advice. In fact, we encourage our clients to stay in touch over the years so that we can see how the kitten has developed as it grows up!  We don't really care for the Dine & Dash method of selling kittens. That is not our style.

What comes with my Bengal kitten?

With each of our kittens you will receive their TICA registration (Breeders slip) to show that they are purebred Bengals. You will also receive one month of free Pet Insurance from Trupanion to be activated within 24 hours of pickup (before or after). We Vaccinate twice (sometimes 3 times depending on the kittens age) and give worming medicine. On the day of visitation you will receive a copy of the contract as well as other helpful information. We often have kits with toys and food we send home, as well as a kitten blankets when available.

Can I harness train my Bengal kitten?

Absolutely! You should consider starting this at a young age. Placing a harness on them after they have adjusted to your new home and letting them wear it most of the day will get them used to a new contraption on their body. They are not used to wearing clothes, so be patient, this takes time!

Here is a link to a harness we recommend, Treponti.

Should I order a Ziggy Doo Cat Wheel?

YES! At some point during the first few months with your new kitten you will notice they have a lot of energy. Having a Ziggy Doo Cat wheel helps them burn off some of that energy and allows you to sleep better as well as your new babies. It may take them a while to grow into their wheel but I will tell you the sooner you can put one in your house, the sooner they will get used to it. There is no training required, they just learn and FAST! We have had kittens as young as 5 months old to start running on it. If they seem hesitant you can coax them with a wand toy. Trust me, they will catch on fast and it will allow the humans to sleep at night. 

The link for the ZiggyDoo Cat wheel is below.

Adopting two babies:

 We welcome inquiries about adopting two babies, either siblings or a second kitten later from a different litter. Some of our clients have had no problems with two of the same gender but we caution you to consider one of each gender.  Two boys may get along for the first 18 months but may become territorial as adults. You can read more about this topic on our page, WANTING MORE THAN 1 ?

Adopting a Bengal 

Option One

(Kittens marked as Available)

Since our website is updated almost daily, most people fall in love with an available Bengal kitten. If one is marked as "AVAILABLE" on our CURRENT KITTENS page then this is the option for you.

Once you decide which of our special kittens is meant for you, please fill out our kitten application questionnaire and deposit agreement found under the page labeled 'JOIN THE WAIT LIST' and then place your deposit. After your deposit has been received, along with the questionnaire and deposit agreement, you will see the baby marked as RESERVED with your initials next to it on our website.

Your kitten will be ready to go home between thirteen and fourteen weeks of age. All Bengal  kittens will have received at least two vaccinations of Fel-O-Vax IV before leaving. 

We generally know a week in advance when a kitten will be ready to travel. At that time, we will contact you to be sure you’re available to receive your kitten. When buying a Bengal cat, final payment will be due upon picking up your Bengal cat/Kitten. PayPal is not accepted for this final payment, nor are personal checks.

Join our Wait List

Option Two

( The Pre-Birth Wait List)

If you wish to be placed on our Pre- Birth wait list to reserve a future kitten, then you will want to go to the page labeled "JOIN THE WAIT LIST". This is where our kitten questionnaire, Deposit agreement and PayPal link can be found. This is the process for getting on our wait list for upcoming litters.

If you have a particular color, and gender in mind, the Pre-Birth wait list gives you first right of refusal as kittens are born, before their photos are posted on our site. Once you’ve decided on a Bengal kitten, the procedure is the same as above. The Pre-Birth Wait list requires a $300 deposit which is applied to the total cost of the kitten. It does not commit you to any specific litter or kitten and is non-refundable but is transferable to another litter at a later date. Depending on the time of year relative to “kitten season,” we generally have more than one deposit for each parent.

Please note: We no longer use PayPal for deposits. We do use the Zelle App.

To start this process, visit our page labeled "JOIN THE WAIT LIST"

The Waitlist
Lists are updated daily and are listed in sequence as deposits are received.
As a reminder, kittens evaluated for breeding programs will be held back for evaluations and be marked as such.

Snow Waitlist

1) Mohammad-Twilight's snow girl. Fulfilled.





What is the expected wait time?

The fewer restrictions you have on what you want, the faster you will bring home a kitten. We could send you home with a kitten as soon as a few months (for unborn litters). This would likely be a brown spotted kitten. If you want a snow, the wait could be longer due to the number of people waiting for snows and the inconsistency in when we get snow kittens.

Brown Waitlist

1)  Mohammad Qureshi, -Twilight's Brown boy 1. Fulfilled.

2) Nicholas Burrows- 2 from same litter, opposite genders (Female Glittered). Active.

3) Samuel Altman- 1 male from Jatziri. Fulfilled.

4) Krista- Twilight's brown girl.


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