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When can I come to visit my Bengal kitten(s)?

Without exception we do not allow visits to see the kittens until after they have recovered from their first set of vaccinations at 8-9 weeks of age. This is to ensure that the kittens are not exposed to any outside parasites or infectious illnesses that come in on visitor's shoes, clothing and hands. When a visit is scheduled, please limit the exposure to the kittens by bringing immediate family members only.  The less exposure to potential infectious diseases at this young age, the better for the health of the kittens, until they have had time to develop immunities. It is also stressful on them to have a lot of visitors at one time, so please consider carefully who you bring to your first visit.

When can I bring my Bengal kitten home?

Your kitten will be able to go home with you a few days after he/she has had their last set of vaccinations and neuter/spay surgery (at 12 weeks for Males to 14 weeks of age for Females) along with their health exam. We DO NOT, under any circumstances allow kittens to leave before 12 weeks of age. For females it is important to allow for proper growth before being spayed so please be patient if you are wanting a female. Spay surgery is more complicated then the Neuter surgery so girls often need more time to heal.

Although we do have an Import/Export license, WE DO NOT SHIP KITTENS so it is important to note that you must be prepared to pick up your kitten from us in person.  We do not want the added stress that comes from Airline travel and have chosen this method to allow us to get to know you and you to see where your baby was raised.

How can I make sure I am completely prepared for my Bengal kitten coming home?

We have put together some very detailed information on all things "Bengal" that you should be aware of well before bringing your kitten home with you. You can find all of this information on our website.  If you have any additional questions we have not answered on our website, please send us a note and we will answer all your questions.  

Keeping your new baby confined in a small room (with litter, food and water) to adjust to your house, your house noises and smells  is very important for a good transition. This is especially  important if there are other pets in the household. The transition to a new home, with travel and being away from their siblings can be stressful. They need time to decompress and adjust.You should plan for at least a week to two weeks for this transition to prevent any accidents of bad behavior. Kittens can get confused and stressed in a new home. They will also be confused about where their litter box is at. Confining them until they are adjusted helps to get them acquainted to their new home.

If I need help or have any questions when I get my kitten(s) home, what should I do?

With each kitten that leaves our cattery, we provide verbal guidance for the entire lifetime of that kitten. You are welcome to contact us at any time for advice. In fact, we encourage our clients to stay in touch over the years so that we can see how the kitten has developed as it grows up!  We don't really care for the Dine & Dash method of selling kittens. That is not our style.

What comes with my Bengal kitten?

With each of our kittens you will receive their TICA registration (Breeders slip) to show that they are purebred Bengals. You will also receive one month of free Pet Insurance from Trupanion to be activated within 24 hours of pickup (before or after). We spay and neuter all of our pet kittens as well as Microchip, Vaccinate twice and give worming medicine. On the day of visitation you will receive a copy of the contract as well as other information. We often have kits with toys and food we send home, as well as a kitten blanket.

Can I harness train my Bengal kitten?

Absolutely! You should consider starting this at a young age. Placing a harness on them after they have adjusted to your new home and letting them wear it most of the day will get them used to a new contraption on their body. They are not used to wearing clothes, so be patient, this takes time!

What kind of  litter should I use?

We have recently changed our recommendation on litter for the kittens first 6 months of life. We recommend using pine pellet litter until the kitten is 6 months old. Intestinal issues and even health can occur from a kitten that eats and swallows clumping clay litter. 

Should I order a Ziggy Doo Cat Wheel?

YES! At some point during the first few months with your new kitten you will notice they have a lot of energy. Having a Ziggy Doo Cat wheel helps them burn off some of that energy and allows you to sleep better as well as your new babies. It may take them a while to grow into their wheel but I will tell you the sooner you can put one in your house, the sooner they will get used to it. There is no training required, they just learn and FAST! We have had kittens as young as 5 months old to start running on it. If they seem hesitant you can coax them with a wand toy. Trust me, they will catch on fast and it will allow the humans to sleep at night. 

There are often questions or situations that come up that are new so we are constantly updating and adding more information to this. We promise not to change anything without letting you know. We try our very best to accommodate our clients and their needs as well as the kittens.

Ferris Cat wheel
Ferris Cat Wheel

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