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We love what we do, along with producing stunningly beautiful and well structured, socilized Bengal kittens, hearing from our clients is the next best thing we could ask for here at Tikka Sky Bengals.
All the reviews below can also be read on our Facebook page & Google Reviews.

Kelly, July 21st, 2019

Our family has several members that are highly allergic to cats and dogs (asthma as well as typical allergic reactions). We've been searching for a hypoallergenic breed and our children wanted a cat in particular. After much research and online reviews we contacted Tikka Sky Bengals. Laura has been amazing to work with. She had a bunch of information to share on allergens and the Bengal breed that I hadn't even found. In addition she allowed us to visit, meeting the cats to see how we dealt with exposure to the breed. I'm happy to report that we are currently on the wait list for our very own Brown (less reactive than the Snows, another excellent recommendation from Laura) and can't wait to welcome our very own Bengal.

Petra: August 1st, 2019

After about 10 years of having no pets, my husband and I wanted to add some furry members to our family. We have 3 young boys and knew we needed cats with energetic, outgoing personalities and that are low on the allergy scale. Bengals fit the bill. I looked at a lot of sites and found Tikka Sky Bengals to have such beautiful cats, lots of information about the breed, and a commitment to the best care for the cats they bring into the world. Laura and Carl were wonderful to work with, answering all of my questions and sending lots of pictures as our babies grew. We have had our kittens for over a month now and they have proven to be sweet and full of energy. They are very tolerant of our boys' energy and excitement and snuggles; and they are always ready to play and purr. I would highly recommend Tikka Sky Bengals!


CJ: April 6th, 2019

My two boys – Sam and Dean – from Tikka Sky are totally amazing! My life has changed so much since they have become part of my family. They are affectionate and fun. Silly and loving. Thank you so much to Laura and Carl for socializing them so well and making them ready for their forever home. And I really appreciated all the photos and videos from when they were tiny babies – it’s so nice to see and to save those. The communication was beyond expectations and it made me feel like part of their lives even from early on. Now I cannot imagine life without these two incredible guys. Thank you!


Janet: February 13, 2018

It was great working with Laura as began the adventure of gaining some new fur family members! She is very responsive to questions, a great resource for all things bengal and a reliable and responsible cattery. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or more loving and HILARIOUS fur babies! Thank you for everything!!


Murtaza reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals - 5 stars!

It was so awesome to work with Laura! She is very knowledgeable and guided us through every single detail from what to feed our new kitty to it’s favorite toys! She regularly follows up to make sure that the transition is going well and is always willing to offer guidance! I’d recommend Laura to anyone who is looking to add a bengal to their family!

Kris reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

I am absolutely in love with my two boys I adopted from Tikka Sky Bengals. They are bonded brothers and have sweet dispositions, good manners (with a smidge of mischief) and stunningly beautiful markings. Laura and Carl are wonderful to work with. I am a Bengal veteran having had my previous two boys and their mom from 1996 to 2017, so a few months after my last sweetheart passed away at age 20, I contacted the breeder of my first set of kittens to help me find a reputable breeder in Washington state since she no longer had her cattery. After a couple of months of searching we found Tikka Sky and I couldn't be happier. Laura and Carl graciously allowed me to come and visit their cattery and meet the mom, as well as, visit the kittens 8 weeks after they were born. The icing on the cake, and by sheer coincidence, the mom of these kittens is the 3x great granddaughter of the mom of my last two boys, making these boys family from the start. I am enjoying seeing the family traits of their ancestors reflected in these gorgeous sweet boys. 

Kokopelli and Kachena (Pelli and Chena) shown below.

Tikka Sky Bengals
Linda  reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

I have been researching Bengal cats for years and finally decided it was time to add one to our family. I wanted a breeder in our state and there are not a lot of legitimate breeders to choose from. I got lucky when I found Tikka Sky they are wonderful people and very knowledgeable about the breed. You can tell they are very passionate when it comes to these amazing cats. I have recently brought home two boy kittens, they are well socialized, happy and beautiful kittens.

Katie  reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

I cannot thank Tikka Sky Bengals enough for providing me with a gorgeous and healthy kitten. Laura’s communication through the process and prompt responses to questions was much appreciated. She went out of her way to help me find a cat wheel, educate me further on supplements to add to my cats raw diet, and invited me to a cat show where she and Carl taught me about the ropes of cat showing. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Tikka Sky.

Diane  reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

Before adopting our two kittens from Tikka Sky Bengals, I did a lot of research on the catteries in the area, as well as visited a few. I could not have picked a more amazing breeder than Laura and Carl.
Anyone adopting a kitten or two from Tikka Sky Bengals can expect a wonderful experience. Laura and Carl work tirelessly ensuring that you are well informed and adopting a well-adjusted, socialized, healthy, and most of all loved kitten. Their love for each of their cats and kittens is phenomenal! They gladly provided me with answers to all my questions promptly. I love the fact that Laura stays in contact with me, which proves to me that she and Carl have a real interest in each adoptive parent and their baby/babies.

Tikka Sky has a fabulous web site with loads of information, as well as pictures. I learned a lot from it and still go back to it for reference. Their facebook page has really great pictures and videos.

We have had our two kittens for only a few weeks and have nothing but joy from them. They’re extremely beautiful, intelligent, playful, healthy, and happy.

Thank you Laura and Carl! We Love our two babies!!!


Emily reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star


I adopted a baby silver kitten from Laura and Carl and he is doing extremely well transitioning and is a bundle of joy. Laura and Carl were so helpful and knowledgeable during the entire process - answering any questions I had and providing tips and tricks along the way. From harness advice, to food recommendations, to tips on trimming their nails - they have everything covered :)

They also provide you with all the nurtured/vaccination information to make the transition to your own vet easy!

In 2019, Emily came back to Tikka Sky Bengals and adopted a second Bengal female. We love that 'Sterling' has a playmate.

Jules reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

Laura and Carl raised us two very happy, well socialized, and beautiful kittens. We were kept well up to date with photos and video of them getting in socialization and playtime throughout the waiting process. Any and all questions were thoroughly and promptly answered. Even well after we took them home. Freyja and Śikari are both playful, not skittish at all, love meeting new friends and family, and getting into as much trouble as possible. If we decide to add to our family again, Tikka Sky will be the first we go to!

(Jules is an amazing Photographer and captures the most unique pictures of his two Bengals. If you ever get a chance you can view more of them at It is worth checking out and  following. He captures so many mid-air action shots   and we love seeing the pictures).

Lisa reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

👍😻💙💜We recently adopted 2 baby boy's from Tikka Sky. We could not be happier. These babies are so well mannered and have such stunning features. 
Laura and Carl you must be so proud! Thank you for all the knowledge and answers you provided to help make the best transition and home for them. 
We enjoyed getting updated pictures and videos it was like Christmas in our 🏡and made the waiting a little easier. 
We named them "Biscuits & Gravy" and they are more than we even expected. They are adjusting very well and are so much fun and loving it's amazing. 
Your expertise raising this exotic loving, energetic breed shows through them. Absolutely handsome boys indeed! 
Love 💙Love 💜so much. 
Tikka Sky, we can't say "Thank You" enough for giving us the opportunity to add so much joy in our house. They are the best!
"Thank you" a million!

Gunnar  reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

Great people , great breeders , I highly recommend ! They are very helpful with any questions any time of day or anything you are not sure of . They truly have a a passion for there little Cubs. Thanks you guys !

(The Photo below show's Gunnar's Bengal boy on the right. The girl on the left is his Serval).

Sarah reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

When my family decided to add fur babies to the family, we researched Bengal cats. Of the establishments we reached out to, we knew Tikka Sky was 100% the way to go - hands...paws down. Laura made the process of adding these adorable cats to our household a seamless process. The hardest part was waiting until they were old enough to bring home. She is expeditious in response, informative, and professional. Her cats are highly cared for, gorgeous, and the kittens we received are top notch. I highly recommend Tikka Sky to anyone who's looking to expand their family with a Bengal kitten...or two.
Thank you for making this such a positive experience for us, Laura! A+++

Wendy reviewed Tikka Sky Bengals — 5 star

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura and Carl. They run a small, very clean cattery. They are able to answer all questions and offer lots of helpful information and advice. The kittens are handled and healthy. Their cats all have lovely temperaments and we couldn't be more crazy about our boy! Highly recommend!


October, 2023

Tikka Sky Bengals is the best. Their cats are so sweet, personable and beautiful. Laura and Carl are experts at what they do. They give so much guidance and know the cats and their personalities really well. We have two brown spotted bengals; a male and a female, and they love each other so much. Trust me, Tikka Sky Bengals is the place to go!



June, 2023

I can’t express enough just how unbelievably happy my husband and I are with our gorgeous Bengal baby that we got from Tikka Sky Bengals! If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would. Laura is absolutely wonderful, she had endless patience with us as new Bengal owners and she answered every question and addressed every concern we had going into this. Even now, two months into having our bengal girl, Laura still checks in and ensures we have all the resources we need to take care of our girl. I highly recommend Tikka Sky Bengals to anyone looking to complete their family with the best breed of cat!


December, 2022

I just acquired a male Bengal kitten from Tikka Sky and it has simply been amazing. I have never seen an animal of any sort transition from one situation to another so smoothly. He's even comfortable with my dogs after less than one day of exposure. Some of this is part of the breed character no doubt, but I think Tikka does a great job socializing their kittens prior to adoption. And of course, they've had top notch care since birth. I could not be more pleased with my new pet

We are located in Olympia, Washington.

PHONE: 360-561-0698


** If your calling/emailing to ask if we have kittens, or trying to set up an allergy visit, please read the website first. Allergies are not something we can guarantee against for various reasons and it is not fair to the kittens if allergies worsen over time or due to a different living environment.

You'll also find a response much quicker if you have filled out a questionnaire as we do not have any visitors who have not filled this out first.

This is our family home and we work during the week as well as taking care of kittens, so our time is limited for visits. The health and wellness of our babies comes first also, so just because it may be the popular thing to do, to visit a cattery, we are also not a petting zoo.

We are happy to answer any questions via a pre arranged phone call, so please consider filling out our kitten questionnaire so we know your serious, and we'd be happy to chat more.

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