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Solanaranch Dharma of Tikka Sky


DOB 3-9-2023

Dharma's Genetics:

She is a second generation girl from Mistero D’Coda Shein and Wildernesswell Island Rain (Kodi). On her mothers side she is down from ten leopard cat Wild Merlin Marinero bred to a female Burmese cat. 

She has ticked tabby gene, known as a spotted servaline pattern.

Dharma is Apb/a, TaM/TaM_pb, and she is a Burmese Charcoal Sepia snow. 

She is a true Sepia Charcoal and carries a copy of leopard cat tabby too.

But that's not all, she is also a long hair carrier so she could have Cashmere Bengals with the right pairing.

How could I ever say NO?!
When I was contacted about taking on Dharma, I was completely speechless. Her breeder had been by to visit us shortly before and he had shown us Dharma's baby photo with her mom, Shein.

I was in awe of her wild exotic look instantly but i never dreamed I'd have the chance to see her in person. 

I knew Dharma had been bonding with her breeder so I wasn't sure she would take to us and our household. 

After a couple weeks she made it abundantly clear that she was indeed ready to meet the other cats. She went from wanting nothing to do with us to ...' OH! You have another cat in the house so you MUST be okay! I'll love on you now that i know that. ' in a matter of minutes. Since then she has been every bit as affectionate as any of our other cats and even more so at times. She can make some serious biscuits with her paws.

We are over the moon, smitten with this kitten and are excited to see what the future holds for her. Having her be a Charcoal outcross as well as a snow carrier should be really exciting to work with and to help add genetic diversity to the Bengal breed.

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