Tikka Sky Wild Magic; Magic

One of our new upcoming studs and our home grown boy.

Magic has just the right amount of spunk in him from his mother Squirrel with the easy going nature of his father, Rialto.

Jewlspride Sunny Jewel of Tikka Sky; Sunny

Upcoming Stud for Tikka Sky.

This sweet heart will be leading our program in the next few years. He has such a fantastic temperament and easy going nature. 

Along with the right pairing he will produce snows and browns for us.

We would like to thank Jewlspride Bengals for this handsome boy.

CamasLily Delight of Tikka Sky; DeDe

This stunning little angle from Camas Lily Bengals has been an absolute delight to have around our house. She seamlessly integrated in with the rest of the gang like she had been raised with them. She does not take NO for an answer from any of them but is so easy to handle. We are ever so grateful to Camas Lily Bengals for allowing this girl to come live with us.

She will produce snows and browns.

Sunny and DeDe have fast become friends and love snuggling together.

Tikka Sky here We Go Again; Lucy

Upcoming Queen.

Lucy is from Maggie and Rialto and is an absolute doll. She is a purr machine and seeks out our laps and affection regularly.

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