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Kittens of Tikka Sky....
Do you see the "Love"?
This is a natural pattern on this baby so you just never know what you will get until you.....
"Take A Walk on the Wild Side" with the sweet temperament but exotic look of a Tikka Sky Bengal.
Tikka Sky Bengals Wait List

Photo credit goes to Jules Doyle Photography .
Photo's of a couple of girls we produced at Tikka Sky Bengals that live with Jules.


Maggie's past litters


For the love of SNOWS........

Maggie and Sir Spots produced some of the most amazing Mink Snow babies (along with brown spotted). Absolutely gorgeous coats with the sweetest dispositions. We were thrilled with these babies and look forward to more in the future.

Tikka Sky Bengals Wait List
Maggie's two girls, Siri and Love, both Brown Spotted.

Socialization starts early here at Tikka Sky Bengals.

Maggie's first litter in the picture below.

Love exploring as her mother. Maggie watches her. They are both considered 'Brown Spotted'.

Siri and Love are two babies out of Maggies litter that were kept back for shows. Here they are getting harness training and socialization at a local Pet store.

Tikka Sky Bengals Wait List
Tikka Sky Bengals Wait List

Love and Siri are siblings.

As you can see there is such a contrast in the Brown Spotted colors., even in the same litter

Siri ('Simply Irresistible' is her  titled name) is pictured on the left (above for Mobile versions of our site) and is considered a Brown Spotted.

She has the most amazing personality.

Love ('Love grows here' is her titled name) is pictured on the  right  (below for Mobile versions of our site)and is  also considered a brown spotted.

She has been color tested with UC Davis and her panel came back as Brown spotted, carrying the Lynx Snow gene.




We added this picture to give a better representation of the coat colors of Brown and Snow kittens. There is also a link above (under 'about Bengals') for more information.

This kitten is a  Dark Brown Spotted. This can 
have variations of Grey/Silver background color.
This kitten is a light Brown Spotted. Background fur and spots are lighter brown.
Top Right is a Mink Kitten.
This kitten is a  Russet Brown Spotted.

Squirrel's past kittens.
All of Squirrel's past kittens have been Brown Spotted. She is no longer a breeder at Tikka Sky and has moved back to her original cattery.
Tikka Sky Bengal kitten
One of Squirrel's past kittens exploring the outdoors.

Kanjie's past kittens

Siri's past kittens

Babies from Siri in her Catio

and a lap. They are among the sweetest kittens we produce.

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